I’m glad that I’m over you. You are very ugly on the inside and you are a disgusting person to around. I hope that you can become a better person.

We used to sing Hey Jude because it was your favorite Beetles song

Sometimes I wonder when you truly stopped caring.

At other times I hope that you still do.

I still feel as though you’ll show up at the last minute unannounced, yet welcomed.

I know this will never happen.

I know.

We both knew you’d end up here

Because my victories were your victories

Your victories were mine

Anonymous: Why you two break up? 

Jealousy and insecurity turned into cheating and foul play.

If we stay away from each other there will be pain.

If we reunite there will be pain.

If we stay away, time will heal old wounds. We will both move on.

If we reunite, time will heal old wounds. We would share many more memories and fights, but we’d have each other.

I now know that you’ve never looked at the moon and wondered if I was somewhere looking at it too. I’ve caught myself slipping a few times